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GAIN Interview Cruncher- Response to COVID-19 from food systems angle

GAIN has developed the Keeping Food Markets Working (KFMW) programme as an emergency response to the COVID-19 crisis, providing rapid support to food system workers, to small and medium enterprises supplying nutritious foods and to keeping fresh food markets open.

On Thursday 18th February don’t miss the “GAIN Interview Cruncher- Response to COVID-19 from food systems angle" at 2pm CET.

The webinar will host the experts to discuss the Keeping Food Markets Working initiative, what’s at stake and why this is so relevant in building our food systems forward better.

The conversation will be moderated by Shiulie Gosh former BBC, Al Jazeera and now TRT. Invited speakers will include:

•   Mellissa Hisko, Deputy Director, Government of Canada
•   Saul Morris, Director, Programmes Services, GAIN
•   Augusto Diogo Navarro de Almeida, Programme Manager, Keeping Food Markets Working Initiative, GAIN



February 2021

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