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Climate projects & State aid law | The opportunities and challenges

Achieving climate goals and digital transition requires significant investments from both governments and the business community. The government has reserved a sum of over EUR 8.4 billion for extra investments in innovative technology, infrastructure for clean energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The State aid rules that have been amended in light of the Green Deal determine the conditions under which central and decentralised governments can contribute to these investments. This also applies to the measures that will be financed from the European Facility for Recovery and Resilience once the Dutch Recovery and Resilience Plan has been submitted and approved. The amended State aid rules have far-reaching consequences for the extent and design of public funding for investments in energy infrastructure, measures and investments to reduce CO2 or nitrogen emissions.

During this webinar, our State Aid expert Greetje van Heezik will discuss the possibilities and practicalities of designing investment projects and measures in accordance with the amended State aid rules for climate, environmental protection and energy (draft guidelines and block exemption regulation).

This is a two-part webinar series. The first webinar on this subject will be organised on Tuesday 2 November.



November 2021

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