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Ready, Set, Pile… Pile Driving Techniques in Offshore Wind

What are the best pile driving techniques for offshore wind installation, and what are the differences?
There is a lot to choose when selecting the right hammer with hydraulic hammers, vibro hammers or new techniques, such as the BLUE Piling Technology, and even drilling.
During the technical webinar, IQIP will share its expertise, the technique behind these hammers and how they actually work.
Let’s discuss the technical side of offshore pile driving as well as the market’s biggest challenges in (XXL) monopile installation with IQIP’s skilled technical staff joined by offshore wind industry’s experts.

Join us in our very first webinar ‘Ready, Set, Pile… Pile Driving Techniques in Offshore Wind’ on Thursday 21 January at 11:00 CET.



January 2021

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