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Let’s Mitigate some Noise… Noise Mitigation Techniques in Offshore Wind

For nature conservation, we can all agree that man-made noise in the marine environment must be limited to environmentally friendly levels. When monopiles are driven into the seabed, it produces significant amount of noise. Therefore, various countries created regulations to limit underwater noise in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Consider for example the hard limit in Germany, or the limit based on cumulative noise of Denmark. But what is best for the environment, and should we consider a homogeneous regulation? There are already many systems on the market to mitigate underwater noise during pile driving, the Hydro-Sound-Damper-System (HSD-System), the Big Bubble Curtain (BBC), the AdBm Noise Mitigation System and the Integrated Monopile Installer. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of these systems when lowering noise emissions? And what should the future bring to reduce the noise emissions of the installation of XXL monopiles?

Join us in our second Webinar on Thursday 11 March at 11:00 CET, where we will discuss the theoretical background and the regulations in the field of underwater noise in the offshore wind market and the operational aspects of noise-mitigating techniques and low-noise installation techniques with Dr. Ir. Christ de Jong, Senior Consultant Acoustics and Sonar at TNO, and Marco Huisman, Technology Advisor at Heerema Marine Contractors, together with IQIP’s offshore Wind experts.



March 2021

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