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Leopard Lessons #1 | IDENTITY

Leopard Lessons #1 | IDENTITY

The need for identity solutions will grow exponentially in the coming years. The quicker our digital economy grows, the faster companies need to move. The first monthly Ledger Lepard webinar will be all about Self-Sovereign Identity, join us!

During this webinar, we will examine what the concept of Identity means to us, what benefits emerging technologies will bring to identity-challenges, and the different use cases for Identity management that are already in practice. For this webinar, we have two guests that are both working hard to change the identity landscape not only for people but also for objects and documents. 

Our guests:
Sebastiaan van der Lans from the Dutch startup which has a solution that guarantees the authenticity of your web content by smartly using timestamps. 

Jimmy Snoek from the Dutch startup Tykn, which envisions a world where identities are portable, private, and secure, so no one has to lose access to their Identity ever again.

This first monthly webinar from Ledger Leopard will be hosted by our CEO Olivier Rikken who has over five years of experience in the Emerging tech space. During the webinar, we will make sure there is enough time for Q&A. The event will be a live stream event from 12:00 CET until 13:00 CET.


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February 2020

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