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Leopard Lessons #2: Exchanging Critical Data

Speakers: Frank Kerstens, Jeroen van Megchelen en Olivier Rikken
Leopard Lessons #2: Exchanging Critical Data

SBR Nexus, an initiative of ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank joined in a consortium called the 'Financiële Rapportages Coöperatief' strives to become the network via which companies are able to exchange information with a vast number of organizations; safe, easy and digital, with the push of a button. In cooperation with Ledger Leopard, a leading and award-winning blockchain company with international reach, SBR Nexus is building a new infrastructure that makes it possible to exchange 'tamper-proof' real estate data and significantly reduce administrative expenses.

Property management software is data already structured in a database. However, the exchange of data from investors to recipients is limited due to a lack of interoperability. With the use of proven technological solutions, build by Ledger Leopard, the rental information between investors and banks can easily be shared, and validated data can be used as a source for appraisal.

During this webinar, we will describe how SBR Nexus and Ledger Leopard reduce physical paperwork with the use of a completely new infrastructure and how this can help your organization solve the problem of cumbersome administration processes.

Your host Olivier Rikken, CEO of Ledger Leopard, will be joined by our CTO Jeroen van Megchelen who has over five years of experience building blockchain-based applications which are currently being implemented with the following benefits:

• GDPR proof and privacy by design
• User control & consent layers for data sharing
• High performance, governance and reduction of administrative expenses

Our guest: Frank Kerstens, Lead SBR Nexus Real Estate at SBR Nexus, an initiative of ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank joined in a consortium called the Financiële Rapportages Coöperatief (FRC).

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Tuesday the 21st of July, the third monthly webinar from Ledger Leopard will be hosted by our CEO Olivier Rikken who has over five years of experience in the Emerging tech space. During the webinar, we will make sure there is enough time for Q&A. The event will be a live stream event from 11:00 CET until 12:00 CET.



July 2020

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