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Leopard Lessons #3 Optimizing supplychain data through RTI Blockchain

Speakers: Jeroen van Megchelen, Milou Klooster en Yves du Bois
Leopard Lessons #3 Optimizing supplychain data through RTI Blockchain

RTI Blockchain is a unique online platform where all types of ‘Reusable Transport Items’ such as pallets, crates, and roll containers used by retailers, can quickly be registered and exchanged between connected parties in the logistic process. RTI Blockchain provides an overview of all packaging bearing registration in one place, with one tool as a service. With the use of blockchain technology, all participants of the supply chains are linked, have real-time insights in their packaging data, and can share information privately and transparently.
Say goodbye to your double administration, balance reconciliation, and lost items!

More than a trillion crates, pallets, barrels, and other Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) are transported each year in the Netherlands. Parties are lost, freight capacity is not fully used, and there is a great deal of confusion between the parties in the chain that consists of, poolers, producers, shippers, and recipients.
During this webinar, we will describe how the new infrastructure of RTI Blockchain and Ledger Leopard will reduce administrative costs, and reduce the carbon footprint as a result of the optimization of the supply chain process.

This webinar will be hosted by our CTO and founder of Ledger Leopard: Jeroen van Megchelen. Jeroen has over five years of experience building blockchain-based applications which are currently being implemented with the following benefits:

• GDPR proof and privacy by design
• User control & consent layers for data sharing 
• High performance, governance and reduction of administrative expenses

Our guests: Founders of RTI Blockchain: Milou Klooster & Yves du Bois

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Thursday the 17th of September, the third monthly webinar from Ledger Leopard will be hosted by our CTO Jeroen van Megchelen who has over five years of experience building blockchain-based applications. During the webinar, we will make sure there is enough time for Q&A. The event will be a live stream event from 11:00 CET until 12:00 CET. 






September 2020

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