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Climate projects & effective permitting

Achieving the very ambitious CO2 reduction targets by 2030 will require a major transition and system change in the field of renewable energy and CO2 reduction, with large-scale wind, solar, geothermal, CCS/CCU, hydrogen and electrification projects. In realising these climate projects, one of the most critical factors in lead time is the permits. The current legal system generally facilitates effective permitting by applying the coordination scheme for these types of large-scale projects, which has proven successful in practice. However, in the forthcoming Environmental and Planning Act (expected to come into effect on 1 July 2022), this regulation will expire and be replaced by, most importantly, the project decision and pay more attention to various aspects such as stakeholder participation.

In this webinar, Marloes Brans, Head of Climate Risk & Sustainability, will discuss the current coordination scheme, its additional benefits and practical application. In addition, she will discuss the changes that the new Environmental and Planning Act will bring in the field of coordination and highlight the key aspects that practitioners need to anticipate in achieving the CO2 reduction target in 2030.

This is a two-part webinar series. The second webinar on this subject will be organised on Monday 8 November. 




November 2021

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